1. Our Management Team

2. Our Mission & Vision

1. To become the dominant device player in the Smartphone & Feature phone market. 2. To be recognized by consumers as “High QUALITY at an AFFORDABLE” price point, offering a permium brand experience. 3. To become an aspireational Employer of choice – High performance Team”

3. Your Provider For IT & Mobile Products
The spread of sophisticated communication devices such as smartphones and tablets has caused such a sharp increase in the types of mobile and IT technologies available on the international market that doing things quicker, smarter, safer, and more precise always keeps us ahead when it comes to meeting increasing consumers’ demands. Being a leading Singapore-based IT and mobile hardware company, SINGTECH is a one-stop brand trademark which has been registered with the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore and offers an extensive range of consumers products comprising of laptops, net books, tablet PCs, bar-type mobile handsets, Android smart phones, computer peripherals and mobile accessories.
4. If We Can Imagine It, We Will Create It

At SINGTECH IT & Communications, we are always making the efforts to have our customers consistently recognize the value we offer. We accomplish this, not only through leading R&D, Product Designs, sales and marketing activities but also through high quality and distinctiveness of its products to become a world-class brand.Led by a professional and passionate team, the company believes our achievements are aligned with our clients’ successes, and we strive to be an excellent corporation with peak efficiency towards establishing long lasting client relationship.

SINGTECH is and will always put our customers need on priority and offering our best pre and after sales services to our customers. As such, we are poised to create even more value for clients at every level, and we do it by hiring the best talents that are dedicated, passionate and who carry integrity to growing our brand and achieving our business goals.

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